What The Duck Is Jeep Doing With A Six-Story Rubber Duck In Detroit?!

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The American off-road brand has a six-story rubber duck at the Detroit show for some reason.

Jeep will erect a six-story rubber duck in its activation site at Huntington Place Square during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The duck is 61 feet tall, 69 feet wide, and 79 feet long. It weighs more than 8,000 pounds, which is slightly less than two Wranglers.

Why a giant duck? In the words of Peacemaker from The Suicide Squad, "who knows why mad men do what they do?" Actually, there is a reference, but there's a good chance only Jeep folk will get it. Most of us know about the famous Jeep wave Wrangler drivers give each other, but last year they started 'ducking' cars.

Jeep Jeep

This ducking trend started in the most friendly place on planet earth: Canada. Allison Parliament is a Canadian native and life-long Jeep fan. She wanted to spread joy after COVID-19 and was driving around with a bag of rubber ducks, as one does.

"I saw a really nice Jeep Wrangler in the parking lot; it was tricked out and lifted. So I grabbed a duck, wrote 'Cool Jeep' on it, and left it on the door," Parliament said. She then snapped an image and uploaded it on the 'Gram with #duckduckJeep. From there, it took off and is now a global phenomenon. If you see a person walking around with a giant bag of rubber ducks, they're either a Jeep Wrangler driver or planning something we do not speak of in civilized conversation.

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That's the connection, in case you were wondering. While we're not big fans of the Wrangler (the Bronco is better), we enjoy a heartwarming story as much as the next person, and this is one of the coolest automotive trends since easter eggs. Atari started the concept of an easter egg, but Jeep brought it back to the modern age in a big way.

Jeep will be giving its fans the opportunity to get in on the trend this weekend. You can take a picture with the six-story duck and receive a small duck for free while stocks last.

As a marketing exercise, it's ducking brilliant.

Jeep Jeep

Showgoers can also partake in Jeep and Ram's new indoor test tracks, which will debut at the Detroit Motor Show. Camp Jeep test tracks have been a part of automotive shows since 2004, giving more than 2.85 million free rides on obstacles. We went around the test track at the New York Motor Show earlier this year, and it was brilliant, but the entire exhibit is now moving indoors.

Don't let the "indoors" part fool you. The track will feature a mountain that is 23 feet tall with 45-degree approach and departure angles.

Jeep will also showcase its new electrified products, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe and Jeep Wrangler 392, representing opposite sides of the brand's offerings.

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