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What the Hell is this Chevy Prototype? A Zora ZR1 Test Mule??

It looks like a camo'd Malibu with a Corvette badge at the rear.

We’re honestly not so sure what this is. Even the folks at Motoring Exposure, who snapped these images, are a bit puzzled. Caught testing on the Long Island I-495 freeway the other day is this Chevrolet prototype. Clearly it has Malibu bodywork but the exhaust pipes definitely aren’t typical. GM Authority further noticed that the rear wheels are from a C7 Corvette. The front end is also an unusual thing. Why does that grille only partially cover up what’s behind it? And what could this test mule really be?

A Malibu SS? A new Cadillac? Perhaps. Better yet, how about a very early prototype for the rumored 2017 mid-engined Corvette Zora ZR1? We know, we know. It's just another bullshit mid-engine Corvette rumor. But that rumor came from reliable sources who claim to have a further inside source at GM. Your guess is as good as ours.

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