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What the Hell Were They Thinking: BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

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Like there was something wrong with the 5 Series Wagon?

BMW has become an expert at creating new automotive segments no-one else previously thought of. Best example? The X6 and the premium crossover coupe segment. Worst example? Perhaps the 5 Series Gran Turismo. Revealed in 2009 and also known as the 5 Series GT, this five-door hatchback is based on the current generation 5 Series sedan and wagon (the latter is only sold outside of the US). The idea was for it to serve as a replacement for the wagon in the US.

Americans really aren't interested in wagons so much anymore and BMW believed it had the solution. Unfortunately the result was ugly as hell. The 5 Series GT is no doubt a luxury car, but at the end of the day design matters. And so does price. BMW charges roughly $3,000 more for one over a comparatively equipped 5 Series sedan. If you still require extra space and the X6 isn't big enough, there's always the X5 - that actually has an even cheaper base price. Go figure.

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