What the Hell Were They Thinking: Honda Crosstour


It's basically the old Accord after an overdose of growth hormones.

The idea itself wasn't bad; just the execution. A few years ago, Honda realized there was still a market for wagons, mainly thanks to the arrival of the Toyota Venza. This new generation of wagons featured a raised ride height to give them more of a crossover look. If the Venza could be a solid replacement for the Camry Wagon, then why couldn't the Crosstour be the same for the also discontinued Accord Wagon? Honda thought it had a hit on its hands, and on paper many would agree.

But then it premiered in 2009 and everybody laughed at it. Initially called the Accord Crosstour, it was really nothing more than a stretched Accord sedan with a wagon body style. In fact, the Crosstour was even longer than the Pilot SUV, but only offered two rows of seating and less interior space. It even offered optional all-wheel-drive. But it looked awful. The Crosstour's proportions were just, well, weird. Its bloated appearance was a far cry from the old Accord wagons. If you see one in person (and we're sure you have) then it's hard not to stare and laugh. The Crosstour (the Accord prefix has been dropped) is still on sale even though it's built on the previous-gen Accord platform.

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