What the Hell Were They Thinking: Pontiac Aztek

Oy vey, where to begin with this one?

The Pontiac Aztek is perhaps one of the greatest automotive debacles in recent years. Some even go as far as claiming it’s the worst car ever built by General Motors. To each their own, but the Aztek was definitely an ugly thing. Ironically, when it debuted in concept form in 1999 it was fairly well received. The trouble began, however, in 2001 when it entered production. Its design was nearly immediately criticized by just about everyone due to its awkwardness, excessive plastic body cladding, and ability to scare young children.

One critic even described it as looking like "six-week-old cottage cheese." The Aztek was intended to serve as a design revolution for GM, but it nearly brought the house down. To its credit, the Aztek was a fairly roomy crossover and even featured a pull-out cargo tray that rolled on built-in wheels when removed. Basically, the Aztek was designed for people who liked to bike, ski and snowboard. But its ugliness just couldn’t be forgiven and was discontinued entirely in 2005. The jokes and mockery, however, will continue to live on.

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