What To Expect From The Lamborghini Aventador Hybrid Successor

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The next Lamborghini Hybrid flagship supercar will be all-new, from the ground up - and the V12 gets to stay.

The Lamborghini Aventador has reached the end of the line. After over a decade on the scene, the final example has been produced, and all the attention in the motoring industry now turns to what Sant'Agata will create next. At the moment, Lamborghini has other products to focus on that will arrive soon, specifically the off-road-biased Huracan Sterrato and the plug-in hybrid version of the Urus SUV. But worry not; the flagship supercar has not been forgotten.

We've already captured images of test cars undergoing development on public roads, but until now, the automaker has not revealed much about what to expect. Thankfully, an interview with British publication Autocar has revealed some tasty details.


According to Lamborghini chief technical officer Rouven Mohr, the automaker's electrification plans will allow the V12 to "live on," but it won't be an evolution of the existing 12-cylinder. An all-new engine will be produced, and the lightweight supercapacitor technology first seen on the limited-edition Sian FKP 37 and later the Countach LPI 800-4 will also be applied.

In its current form, the supercapacitor weighs around 75 pounds and charges three times faster than a similarly sized conventional battery. This both discharges and recharges faster than a regular battery, so it's ideal for a high-performance application. Moreover, this new car is sure to get pulses racing with even more power than the Aventador Ultimae, which offers up 769 horsepower.

"In any car, we will not make a downsizing hybridization. We will always do something on top," said Mohr. "So our philosophy is higher - even more combustion power plus hybridization, not reducing this and compensating with that." Based on this, 800 hp seems a fair minimum expectation.


We can expect even more from the Italian manufacturer's next hybrid V12, as Mohr mentioned improvements are being made: "We're still working on the supercapacitor. We're at the moment working on the next step, because the first generation is young." But Lamborghini isn't blowing its entire wad on the hybrid tech, and the Huracan replacement won't be a cop-out either: "There's no carryover from any car. From the model point of view, all relevant modules, meaning engine, gearbox, drivetrain or whatever, everything is new."

Future hybrid Lambos will also potentially make use of a more conventional hybrid system. "In the future, we could also think to make a combination between classic cell chemistry and a separate capacitor, but on this, we still have to do some work. It's not ready now," said Mohr.

2023 Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Forward Vision Lamborghini

Naturally, some fans of the brand will be upset that Sant'Agata is embracing electrification, but Mohr says this won't impact how much excitement Lamborghinis offer: "You can be sure the car will not be a disappointment regarding the emotions. We will fulfill the regulation, but we will improve the emotions. I can guarantee that."

The Huracan and Aventador replacements will look completely fresh too, and they will be easily distinguishable. "Our cars have always had a clear character, a clear mission," said the executive, adding that for the new supercars, "there's no risk that you mix up Huracan with Aventador."

When pressed on how the two would differ design-wise, he refused to elaborate: "I say nothing. But for us, it's important that every car has a clear character, and this will also be in the next generation." We can't wait to see what Lamborghini comes up with.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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Engine 2023 Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Forward Vision

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