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What Type of Person Buys a Nissan 370Z Roadster?

It's a great car but is it worth the near $50k price tag?

When you think about it, the current Nissan Z car, the 370Z, is pretty outdated. It’s still a great sports car, but there are some better alternatives on the market today for a similar, or even cheaper, price. The Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S immediately comes to mind. But those are coupe alternatives, and the 370Z can also be had as a roadster. And let’s be honest: the Mazda MX-5 isn’t really a competitor here.

Then again, if you take into account how much the 370Z Roadster goes for – nearly $50k – you could also get something like an Audi TT Roadster for about the same price. Heck, a bare bones base Porsche Boxster starts at $50k. So what kind of buyer does the 370Z Roadster attract? Mike Spinelli from /Drive attempts to find out.

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