What Type of Person Drives a BMW 7 Series?

Are they kind of douchey or simply courteous?

Today’s BMW 7 Series is quite a car. For some, it's simply too much, which is why BMW offers the 5 Series. Back in the late 90s, however, the E38 7 Series was on the market and everyone loved it. You probably remember it as the one James Bond drove in “Tomorrow Never Dies." While the movie sucked, that 7 Series generation was a great car. It had presence but didn’t look too over the top. It was just elegant. Some of the people who bought them, however, were, well, not always so elegant.

Owners were the sort of douche bags who wouldn’t tip their golf caddies properly. They didn’t deserve a German luxury sedan as cool as this. Regular Car Reviews is back once again to treat us to their always offbeat and often wacky videos.

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