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What Was Jeremy Clarkson's Favorite Car Ever On Top Gear?

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No, it's not the Robin Reliant.

Jeremy Clarkson is about to go on tour with his two mates, Richard Hammond and James May. Only now it's no longer the official Top Gear tour. And while the three still haven't announced, or perhaps even decided, their next career move, Jezza is still making the publicity rounds with his former employer, the BBC. Appearing on the Chris Evans Morning Breakfast Show, Jezza was asked directly which car that appeared on Top Gear was his favorite. His response? The Lexus LFA.

To him it's "nothing like any normal Lexus. You're in the back of one now and there's a man who doesn't know where he's going and a broken Tom-Tom. That's not the LFA." In the meantime, we're still anxiously waiting to see what Clarkson and crew will do next. "House of Cars"? Who knows?

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