What We Can Expect from the 2016 Land Rover Discovery

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The bottom line here is to make it a true BMW X5 alternative.

Although it's still roughly a year and a half away, Land Rover's next-generation Discovery is set to undergo some major changes. In fact, the fifth-gen Discovery will see the most dramatic changes compared to all previous models. Basically, LR is completely reinventing the thing. For starters, it'll receive a high-tech suspension system that can "read" the terrain ahead with the ability to adjust the transmission settings on the fly. There's also going to be laser light projections that'll alert the driver whether or not the vehicle is too wide to fit in any situation.

The transparent hood tech, according to Autocar, will "project an image of the road or terrain beneath on to the hood." Remote Drive is another system that, once occupants have exited the vehicle, will automatically park the car in a space that would otherwise be too narrow to allow the doors to be opened. Even the new engine and transmission are going all high-tech with an electric motor enclosed in the eight-speed automatic gearbox. That will be for the hybrid model, which will have an all-EV range of about 10 miles. The exterior design will become more stylish instead of the utilitarian look of the past. The same goes for the interior which will include a larger touchscreen and a laser head-up display.

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