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What We Know So Far About the Audi A9

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Audi is planning a new flagship that'll be even more extreme than the A8.

It's been rumored for some time, but only now more details about the 2017 Audi A9 are beginning to come to light. Autocar has managed to get a quite extensive and nicely detailed breakdown of what we can expect from the German automaker's upcoming flagship. In a nutshell, it's going to be an insane piece of high-tech, luxury, and stunning design. The A9 will be built on an updated version of VW's MLB platform, and will share its overall mechanical and electric package with the next-gen A8.

The A9 will adapt Audi's latest spaceframe construction and other weight-saving methods, specifically the use of carbon fiber. The goal is to make the A9 weight about the same as the current (and smaller) A7 base model. A variety of engines will be offered, including a new twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 and an updated twin-turbo V8. V6 and V8 diesels will also be offered along with two plug-in hybrids, one gasoline-electric, and the other diesel-electric. Styling wise, an Audi source said that the A9 will have a technical look, with a newly interpreted single-frame front grille design. "It builds on the design (language) in place today but takes it to a whole new level." Expect for the concept A9 to premiere at the LA Auto Show in November.

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