What Would A Bugatti Van Look Like?


Or would you rather have a Porsche or Alfa Romeo van?

What if, instead of building the new Chiron, Bugatti decided to reprise its world's fastest Veyron supercar with the world's fastest van? Those of us who bash the keys here at CarBuzz can easily say this isn't a scenario that's ever come to our minds, but we're glad it did for Russian automotive manipulator Nikita Aksyonov. The talented artist-who previously gave us an Aston Martin Vantage reimagined as a shooting brake, a drop-top Polestar 1, and numerous McLaren Senna possibilities-has been at it again applying Bugatti, Porsche, and Alfa Romeo DNA to large vans.

Renders of the vans, which come to us via CarScoops, used typical large vans as their bases before Aksyonov went to work grafting on front fascias from some of the most recognized automotive models in recent history. First up is a Bugatti van sporting the Chiron's face. Surprisingly, the resulting effect doesn't look all that out of place on the people hauler, though its oversized, stuck-out wheels and low-profile tires certainly give it a cartoonish, fantastical stance. The speculative renders of Porsche and Subaru commercial vans don't seem unrealistic, either, at least when it comes to their headlamps and basic sheet metal.

But when Aksyonov arrived at Alfa Romeo, BMW, and Lexus, the idea produced nightmare fuel worthy of the crusher. In particular, the Lexus render has proved a bigger grille is not always better. In addition to the vans, Aksyonov has also rendered up a few city vehicles as trucks for your viewing pleasure. While we would appreciate a Bugatti van simply to deliver our packages on time, don't expect any of these imaginary vehicles to ever come to fruition. That's probably for the best.

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