What Would A High-Performance Jaguar Built From Scratch Look Like?


A bold move, and one that would certainly result in an awesome car.

Most car companies have some sort of performance division or in-house tuner these days. All of these have varying levels of seriousness, but one of the biggest success stories is of the very serious AMG, belonging to Mercedes-Benz. This is the division which, in recent years, has strayed from just building high performance versions of existing models (and some engines for Pagani) into building full-on standalone models like the SLS and GT.

These cars have not only been pretty fantastic in their own right, but they have also demonstrated the value of this kind of model. So in an interview with Bloomberg, John Edwards, head of Jaguar Land Rover's SVO, stated that SVO was also looking into the idea of a standalone model. He gave no indicator of what this would be, and speculation could run wild, as Jaguar and Land Rover build quite different sorts of vehicles. What we do know is that SVO will at least keep building badass cars until then, with the new Jaguar F-Type SVR coming soon with a rumored 600 horsepower. Not bad at all.

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