What Would Happen If 6 Automakers Decided To Build Motorcycles?


The results look cooler than a lot of existing motorcycles.

Some of the strangest automotive fantasies we have seen down the years include retro supercars, modern supercars from unusual brands, and even SUV sports cars. But what would it look like if car manufacturers decided to turn their sights on motorcycles? Jennings Harley Davidson has created six renderings of cars that have been turned into motorcycles and many of the automotive designs have translated extremely well to two wheels.

Based on a McLaren 720S and built on a carbon fiber chassis, the first rendering is of a McLaren Sport Bike. The McLaren design translates extremely well to a motorcycle, and we imagine there would be plenty of interest in this superbike if it ever came to life. The next bike is a chopper based on the Ford Mustang. Even the wheels look like they belong on a vintage Mustang. The third bike is called the Porsche Cafe Racer. Cafe racers are optimized for speed, handling and quick rides over short distances. Like a Porsche car, this bike was designed for the race track.

So far, these motorcycles have all been designed for going fast. Like cars, some people like to use bikes to commute. That is why Jennings designed the Renault Scooter, which looks like a great way to commute in a crowded city. Those who want something even more comfortable would opt for the Rolls-Royce Touring Bike, which looks incredibly comfortable. Finally, the Land Rover Dirt Bike handles the need to go off-roading, just like a Land Rover truck.

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