What Would Today's Supercars Look Like 30 Years Ago?


Let's just say that we are happy that car design has changed significantly over the years.

Car design has changed a lot over the years. Even models that seemingly change very little, like the Porsche 911, have actually undergone a significant evolution. Some styling elements that were once popular, like popup headlights, now look completely out of date. Jennings Motor Group specializes in unique car renderings, and has graced us with unique visuals such as mid-engined supercars for every car company. We have also seen insane automotive mashups, and even real-life versions of Star Wars podracers.

Jennings was clearly interested in automotive design, and how it has changed over the years. This latest batch of rendering images imagines what several modern cars would look like if they were built back in the 20th century. With a few exceptions, most of these odd-looking renders make us happy that automotive design has evolved the way that it has. The first rendering blends the face of a modern LaFerrari onto a classic Ferrari F40. The LaFerrari's modern front end design and butterfly doors look extremely strange on the '80s-inspired design of the F40, and makes us glad that car styling has moved on to favor more aerodynamic shapes.

Audi really surprised the world when it came out with the R8 supercar back in 2008. A mid-engine Audi supercar would have been even more insane back in the '80s, especially if it was inspired by cars like the classic Quattro. A Bugatti supercar would have been even more unlikely, because the company spent most of the 20th century in bankruptcy. Jennings took a shot at imagining what a '60s era Chiron may look like. This is definitely our favorite rendering, and we wouldn't mind seeing someone chop up a Volkswagen Beetle to build something like this. The other classic renderings on this list include a Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, Mercedes AMG GT and Aston Martin DB11, all of which look extremely odd with classic elements.

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