What Would You Buy: Acura NSX Or Ferrari 488 GTB?

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Both are gorgeous, powerful, and just totally nuts. Tough choice.

On the one hand, it's hard to pass up on a Ferrari. Any Ferrari. But there was another past supercar (not a Lamborghini) that really put the Prancing Horse on notice: the original Acura NSX. The Japanese made it clear to the Italians and the rest of the world at large that a supercar could have superior build quality and an interior not constructed from what was essentially recycled cardboard. But the first NSX changed all that and then some. Problem was Acura/Honda didn't do enough to keep it updated during its 15 year production run.

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Sure, various improvements were made but Ferrari kept churning out new and even more incredible models. Now it's 2015 and finally the all-new Acura NSX has arrived. And, low and behold, just last week Ferrari pulled the sheets off the 488 GTB. Both these mid-engined supercars are state-of-the-art in every technological category. The V6-powered NSX incorporates electric motors and battery hybrid power, and the 488 GTB, while not naturally aspirated, has a pair of turbos hooked up to its V8. The NSX is all-wheel drive while the 488 GTB directs all its power to the rear wheels. So which would you prefer to drive home? Which of these two has the greater potential to be a real game-changer?

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