What Would You Do With a Wrecked BMW M1?

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Stop drooling on the floor.

Mostly everyone who knows anything about cars is familiar in some degree with the BMW M1. The wedge-shaped supercar is a pure '80s dream and remains capable of dilating pupils wherever it goes. But with only 453 examples built during its brief production run you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than seeing one on a milk run.

So rare are these German jewels that even completely wrecked examples are capable of pulling in six figures when they come up for sale, like this Bring a Trailer success story. In 1985 the front of this M1 was ripped off and it was left to sit in storage for more than 30 years. It showed up on BaT and was purchased by a wealthy collector in the hopes of someday doing something with the wreck.

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Less than a year later he found another wrecked M1, this one's rear end was all melted from fire. Instead of doing unspeakable things to the pair of write offs in order create a running example, the two M1s were turned into a piece of wall art instead.

Before it was hung on the wall, the reborn M1 was given a complete interior, working lights, and show-quality paint. The unused engine was restored and put on display as well.

Check out the time-lapse video showing how the builders mounted it on the wall using a unique pulley system to lift one side of the car up while sliding the other side into place so it could be bolted to the wall.

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