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What You Would Have Seen On Top Gear Last Night But Didn't

Yep. This still sucks.

The second episode of Top Gear that’s been canned (for now at least) by the BBC was supposed to have aired last night. Specifically, it was episode 9 of series 22. While we’ve heard some talk of the BBC still planning to air the un-aired footage, no official plans have been set yet. We find it kind of hard to believe the BBC would simply not air the episodes at some point considering Top Gear’s massive popularity. That translates into around 4 million viewers every episode. Just think of all the money the BBC is losing.

So what would have been happening on Top Gear last night if Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension never happened? There would have been a second-hand, cheap SUV challenge featuring Clarkson in a Vauxhall Fontera, Richard Hammond in a Jeep Cherokee, and James May in a Shogun Pinin. And yes, caravanning would have played a part. Clarkson also compared a trio of luxury limos on the Top Gear track. The Star in a Reasonably Priced Car would have been Superman himself, Henry Cavill. Sounds like a solid episode. Let’s hope the BBC will show it at some point.

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