Wheelsandmore 2012 Mercedes CLS Tuning Package

German tuning firm Wheelsandmore has released information and pictures of their latest tuning program for the all-new Mercedes- Benz CLS Series type 218. The main focus of the tuning program is the new three-piece forged 6Sporz² wheels, and with a company name like "Wheelsandmore", it's no wonder they went after these ultra-light wheels. The tuning engineers didn't stop just with the wheels.

They also addressed the CLS' performance and upgraded the control electronics together with a valve controlled exhaust system with sport catalysts. This brought the total output to some 580-horsepower. Wheelsandmore also teamed up with the Germany suspension specialists KW Automotive to develop a solution to lower the CLS' center of gravity. The tuner has not released information on pricing or the availability of this vehicle.

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