Wheelsandmore Debuts Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

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Early in 2010, Wheelsandmore launched their performance upgrades for the Bentley Continental Supersports. And just about one year later, the German tuner has now developed a tuning package for the convertible version. Before any tuning, the Continental Supersports convertible was already the most powerful and fastest four-seat convertible on the market. It's also the fastest ever built.

And now, Wheelsandmore has taken a crack at improving its already blistering performance. They started off by performing an ECU, stainless steel exhaust, and special sport catalysts upgrade. This resulted in an increase of power, now up to 702 hp (originally 630 hp) and 880 lb-ft of torque. The tuner also added three-piece, C-Sport wheels that be customized to any color and surface buyers prefer. Lastly, the suspension upgrade allows for it to be switched up and down by using an electronic lowering module called "LowMaXX."

This device allows the car to lift about 0.79 inches automatically at 44 mph, allowing the Bentley to recover comfort and safety. Pricing for the upgrade package was not announced.

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