Wheelsandmore Takes Mercedes-AMG GT To A Whole New Level

More power and new wheels: Yup, it's all here.

German tuner Wheelsandmore recently turned its attention to the Mercedes-AMG GT. The result, as you’d expect, is a more powerful roadster with 600 horsepower, identical to the output of the GT Black. This was achieved thanks to a new exhaust system and some reworking of the GT’s computer. An optional coilover suspension ensures you’ll be able to control all of that extra power. Of course Wheelsandmore slapped on a set of custom wheels with a two-tone paint job.

While an aftermarket tuning program offered by a German firm likely won’t help boost sales all that much, it definitely doesn’t hurt the cause either. Hell, the world is a better place now that there’s one prettier Mercedes-AMG GT in it.

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