When A McLaren P1 And Bugatti Veyron Drag Race Are There Really Any Losers?

Drag Race

France and England are at war again.

How's this for an afternoon pick-me-up: a McLaren P1 drag racing against a Bugatti Veyron at a Shift Sector event. So it may not be a Veyron Super Sport, but we really aren't going to complain that much. It is better to just be delighted that the owners of both these cars have them out and driving them as they should be driven. The video from Bay Area Racing truly highlights the differences between the two regarding the power-to-weight ratio. The almighty Veyron simply is no match against the substantially lighter P1.

Questionably, we wonder how well the Super Sport would fair against the P1 given its 200-horsepower advantage over the standard model. Some one please make it happen!

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