When A Woman Stars In A Truck Ad, Everybody Loses Their Minds


No bears or aluminum beds were harmed in this commercial, just a few outdated notions.

Previously it was Rosie the Riveter that symbolized the changing of society’s tides, ones that once relegated women into a hellish 1950’s dystopian reality of housework, child rearing, eroding dreams, and handfuls of Prozac. The unflinching image of a bicep and polka dot handkerchief was all the proof most people needed to get the message that women, as humans, were just as capable as their fellow male human counterparts.

Some, however, still need reminding, and to put a cork in that crowd, the Funny Girls have just the remedy.

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Before you hit play, make sure you’re in an environment that allows for some NSFW language. Got that covered? Well watch away because this humorous scenario takes place on a farm, the natural habitat of trucks like the Holden Colorado (Australia and New Zealand’s version of the Chevrolet Colorado). In a parody commercial that pokes obvious fun and the testosterone-laden truck commercials typically seen at the halftime commercial break, the funny girl in this case is a farmer that’s trying to do her work while a deep-voiced male announcer narrates in disbelief. After daring the announcer to try her job himself, the narrator realizes that it’s experience that makes things happen, not a protruding set of genitals.