When An XJ220 Needs Work There's Very Few Who Can Help

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Old supercars need lovin' too.

Even though the Jaguar XJ220 was said to be a bit of a disappointment when it launched, mainly thanks to what seemed like a downgraded engine choice that differed from the plans, it eventually became an iconic supercar of epic proportions. Many well known collectors have one in storage, but with the car being so old and specialized, someone with the right tools and skills is in need. Enter the specialized company that runs its business out of The Old Cheese Factory in Newcastle, England.

Don Law Racing took control of the "contract" after Jaguar and specialty tuner Tom Wilkinshaw Racing were done with it, and this is their story.


With a supercar like this, spares, service parts and consumables like tires are worth their weight in gold. As is the norm, a manufacturer is only really obligated to carry parts and look after their cars for ten years, and so the project was sold off, which is how Don Law Racing came into the picture after they acquired everything needed to keep the XJ220s in tip top shape. The deal included development materials, tooling, designs, prototypes, test mules and even the stupidly awesome XJ220-powered Ford Transit Van. Sure there were only 271 produced, a rather small number, and we're sure a few have been sent to the supercar scrapyard in the sky, but the ones that do exist have a savior in Don Law Racing.

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