When Did Jeremy Clarkson Join Top Gear?


March 25, 2015 marks the end of his tenure at Top Gear, but when did he officially start on the program?

March 25, 2015. The day Jeremy Clarkson was sacked by the BBC after the Corporation deemed his verbal and physical abuse of a producer on the show couldn't be brushed under the carpet. With that date ingrained into Top Gear fans's minds the world over, today's CarBuzz Trivia question asks you to name the year that Jezza first began working on "Top Gear." As always, leave your best guess in the comment section and do your best to avoid cheating.

Top Gear has been on TV since 1977, and Clarkson first joined the show in late 1988. His first run lasted 13 years and began again when the show was re-launched by the BBC in 2002 with its current format and presenters, save for James May who replaced Jason Dawe in the second season.

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