When Hillbillys Modify an Old C3 Corvette

…something like this happens.

A Corvette is a car that’s been designed for performance, right? It is, after all, America’s sports car. That may be the mentality for most of us, but for others, well, let’s just say the words “sports car” don’t carry much meaning. Take this old C3 Corvette, for example. Instead of fixing it up for regular road and possibly even track usage, these guys decided to do something very different. So behold: a Corvette monster truck/car.

Riding on what’s got to be a truck chassis with a set of big wheels and tires, this C3 Vette is now capable of off-roading. Mud, snow, rocks…doesn’t really matter. It can handle just about anything now. Yep, it’s the hillbilly dream Corvette. It may even run on moonshine.

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