When in Doubt, Just Add Power to the GT-R

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We promise nothing bad will happen.

So here's the deal: Nissan's GT-R can't get much better in stock form than it already is. Nearing the end of its production run, the GT-R has, in many ways, helped redefine bargain horsepower and performance. For a price far lower than that of, say, the Porsche 911 Turbo, the GT-R is an all-wheel-drive supercar killer that only seems to be getting better with age. Call it a fine wine, if you will. There have also been an endless amount of modified Godzillas.

One such modifier is UK tuning outfit Litchfield that has performed some performance enhancing surgery to raise the GT-R's output from 485 hp to 750. Along with other upgrades, this GT-R has a mostly stock exterior, but it's what underneath that really counts.

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