When It Comes To The Most Expensive Cars To Maintain, Germany Has Everyone Beat By A Mile


Just guess which automaker came in at No. 1.

YourMechanic is a Silicon Valley startup that lets you order a mobile mechanic around your schedule. The company has done repair work and maintenance on a lot of cars and decided to harness its data to author a study on the most and least expensive cars to maintain. Without further ado we'll reveal that, shocker, BMW came in atop the list of the most expensive cars to maintain. YourMechanic estimates 10-year maintenance costs at $17,800, almost exactly $5,000 more than second place Mercedes-Benz ($12,900).

Luxury German automakers dominated the top five, with Audi coming in at fifth place on the most expensive cars to maintain list at $12,400/10 years. All the way at the bottom was Toyota, with the Japanese automotive giant's cars estimated to cost owners only $5,500 in maintenance over 10 years. The cheapest car to maintain is the Toyota Prius (($4,300/10 years) followed by the Kia Soul ($4,700/10 years). Toyota cars took three of the five top spots for cheapest maintenance costs over 10 years. YourMechanic also looked at which cars cost the most to maintain over 10 years, with the Chrysler Sebring taking the top spot there ($17,100/10 years). American automakers unsurprisingly dominated this category, placing eight cars in the top 20.

In addition to the cost estimates the site also looked into unusually common issues per model as well as which brands and models are least likely to start. While a lot of these results line up with conventional wisdom-German cars are more expensive to maintain than Japanese cars-they are still fascinating to pore over, especially if you're in the market for a used or car.

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Source Credits: www.yourmechanic.com

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