Dash Cam

When Russians Don't Know How to Use Side Mirrors, They Fight

Vodka-induced driving at its finest.

By this point no one should expect to see anything even remotely resembling decency and good road behavior in Russia. There are just too many dash cam videos showing nasty and insane Russian drivers and their methods for working out their driving issues. That involves anything from crowbars, shoving a man into a trunk or, on a good day, fists. Well, today is apparently a good day. In episode # 9,654,138 (that’s a lie…we’ve actually lost count) of "Bat Shit Insane Moments in Russia," witness a driver who has no clue how to use side mirrors.

Another car is in the way? No problem, just bump right into him while moving. The result of that dodgy maneuver is seen below. Like we said, using fists to resolve these road disputes is the civil thing to do over there.

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