When The Hell Did Craigslist Become The Best Place To Find An R34 Nissan GT-R?

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We're pretty sure this one is legal...we think.

A few weeks ago we spotted an R34 Nissan GT-R listed for sale on Craigslist Nashville, of all places. At the time we speculated that the car might be dirty as the seller didn't provide any info on its legal status and because R34 GT-Rs are hard as hell to get into the US. Here's another R34 GT-R for sale, but this one is listed in Miami and unlike the last one we saw its seller claims to have both a clean Florida title and paperwork straight from Japan.

What's more is that he's included dated pictures in the ad, in case you thought he was a trickster or something. As for the car itself, this is a 1999 GT-R V-SPEC with 16,000 miles on it. V-SPEC models featured an enhanced all-wheel-drive system; torque was electronically split to both wheels, instead of just to the front and rear. It also had new aero bits like a front diffuser and rear carbon fiber diffuser. And it was lowered. The owner says this bad boy is bone stock, save for an aftermarket clutch, "a single disk and doesn't chatter. It feels like factory but is a bit stronger." The only other add-on is "an exhaust that consist of an Apexi downpipe." Loud pipes may save lives but this GT-R "is very quiet" and "has all the factory cats installed."

Now, you might be thinking that this car is in great condition given its age. The seller knows that you're probably marveling at how clean the interior is and at how the exterior looks like it hasn't been touched once since it came off the line. He's right when he writes that, "Nobody can believe a 16 year old car has been kept this immaculate." This thing does look damn clean. Apparently there's paperwork to back up its 4.5/A Japanese auction rating. Apparently the only trials and tribulations this Godzilla has had to face is getting its rear trunk and bumper repainted, although this apparently happened before the seller took possession of it. The asking price for this 1999 R34 Nissan GT-R V-SPEC is $64,999.

The seller isn't really interested in trades but you can try your luck if you have something legitimate. Just note that the value of any trade is pegged to what a dealer would pay, so if you have to sell the value of your car then it's probably not going to work out. If legal, this is definitely one of our craziest Craigslist finds and is the perfect car for those who don't mind paying a little extra to cut the import restriction line.

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