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When the Pope Orders a $500k Popemobile, Send in Your Big Guns

Pope receives keys to the Popemobile from Daimler's Chairman of the Board.

Mercedes Benz is no stranger to Popes. They have been working with the last eight ofthem dating back to the Thirties. So ifthe recently appointed Pope wants to rock a new Popemobile for his upcoming tripto Brazil, who does he call? Well apparentlynone other than the Chairman of Daimler AG’s Board, Dieter Zetsche.Mr. Zetsche (who is the personification of the MonopolyGuy), personally escorted the new $500,000 custom-made M-Class vehicle to Pope Francis.

Of course, what would a trip to the Pope be without sharing with his holiness all the good your company is doing. A photo opp with the leader of over a billion potential Benz customers has got to be worth the price of the flight ticket alone. The highlight of the day for the Pope might came whenhe received a Smart Electric Bike as a gift and token of Daimler’s commitmentto the future of Electric Transportation.We can only imagine the Pope was pumped to be able to ridearound the Vatican in his new E-bike. Hopefully those pesky robes won’t get inthe way.

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