Where Do Aston Martins Get Ready to Race?

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Take a tour inside ProDrive's racing facilities where it prepares Aston Martins for the track.

Aston Martin has a long and glorious history in motorsports. And yes, it builds some pretty sweet road cars too. Since 2007, a consortium led by ProDrive chief David Richards has been running the automaker, giving us superb models such as the Rapide and new Vanquish. All the while motorsports, such as Le Mans, has remained a key part of AM's ethos. And now the Drive Channel has gone behind the scenes of ProDrive's racing operation.

GT3 and Grand-Am cars are the showcase today as well as preparations for Aston's latest Le Mans effort. The whole operation is quite an impressive display of racing technology, Aston Martin models and, perhaps most importantly, passion for motorsports.

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