Where to Go When Looking for a Cool Classic Car

Uncovering those wonderful barn finds one car at a time.

So you’re in the market to buy a classic car. Your budget isn’t anything near what those wealthy collectors pay at elite auctions. No, you’re the everyman (or woman) and the amount you can spend is no more than $10k. That’s the situation many enthusiasts are in when shopping for a classic, especially so when there’ll likely be pricey restoration costs involved as well. You could search through eBay Motors and Craigslist for that ideal project car, but often takes lots of time.

Better yet, check out Bring a Trailer, a website started and run by dedicated car enthusiasts who scour the internet to find all those hidden automotive treasures up for sale. Matt Farah speaks with the owner and founder of the increasingly popular site and also takes his 1963 C2 Corvette split window for a spin. It’s just all in day’s work.

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