Where Will You Find A Koenigsegg Dealership In North America?

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Still mighty expensive though.

With the debut of the new Regera model, Swedish boutique hypercar maker Koenigsegg has announced that production capacity will be greatly increased. This increase to 80 units annually wouldn't be much to most automakers, but it's pretty noticeable for Koenigsegg. But it does mean that customers will need to be found for more cars, and the company has now announced that it will have five dealerships in North America by the end of the year, including the one that's already open.

This already existing dealership is in New York City, and locations have already been announced for two of the other four. According to AutoGuide, one will be Lake Forrest Sports Cars in Chicago and the other Lamborghini Calgary in (duh) Calgary, Alberta in Canada. The remaining two locations haven't been announced yet, and we assume that this is because Koenigsegg is still working on where they will be. It would be quite difficult to imagine that there wouldn't be a West Coast dealership, and quite possibly a southern one, but this sort of thing isn't as simple as just picking which locations seem ideal; it's about where there enough multi-millionaire buyers.

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