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Why Is This Gutted C4 Corvette Worth $6,000?

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The seller has a lot to answer for.

Car owners often think their vehicle is worth more than it really is. They inflate the price based on the money they've invested in the car and because of the personal attachment made with it. Ask any car salesperson about this subject and you'll hear endless stories about inspections and disagreements with the customer regarding what their trade-in is worth. Values vary greatly between mind and reality.

Case in point: this C4 Corvette we found up for sale on Craigslist. It's a 1994 model with 249,000 miles on its clock (or is 2,000 miles?). Chevrolet built the C4 for 12 model years, so it's not exactly a rare find, and yet the asking price is $6,000.

But here's the thing: just look at it. Notice anything missing? Try the headlights, windows (front, rear and sides), a dashboard and door panels. On the plus side, all four wheels are still there and the seller says they're in good shape but could use a nice polish, at the very least. So $6k for a C4 built in large numbers with around 250k miles driven, and lacking all exterior glass and a good chunk of its interior? Seriously? How is this worth that much? Again, mind versus reality. As far as actual mileage goes, well, there's a bit of a discrepancy.

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You see, it's written in the ad there's a "new long block engine with approximately 2,000 miles" but the odometer readout is listed on the side as 249k. That's a massive difference and it needs to be clarified. The seller, who's located in Springfield, Ohio, claims they acquired the Vette by default in a real estate contract, but only after it had been vandalized. Okay, so now we know what happened to it. They're also willing to trade this for a small dump truck, pickup truck, or even an enclosed trailer. Basically, anything will be considered to trade of similar value, assuming it's worth $6k. So, who's interested?