Which 1960s Component Returns In The 2016 Mustang GT?

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Taking another step towards retro, Ford teases the '16 Stang.

With the latest models of the Ford Mustang are working hard to bring back the car's 1960's glory days, and with the slightly updated 2016 Mustang soon to be revealed, Ford is teasing one feature that represents a true return the Pony Car's roots. In 1967, Ford offered a special optional hood on the Mustang that included two heat extraction vents. Facing the driver and passenger, these amber turn signals were incorporated in these vents.


And while this 60s novelty may seem a bit redundant nowadays, adding it to the upcoming Mustang GT will be an awesome tribute to the car's past. Check out the official signal teaser from Ford. Is this really a feature that will return the Mustang back to its glory days?

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