Which Automaker Builds The Most Dependable Cars?

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The answer is no surprise.

For the fifth year in a row, Lexus has topped the J.D. Power dependability rankings. This is not much of a surprise to us. Lexus has always built extremely elegant luxury vehicles that encounter very few mechanical issues. The top 10 includes Lexus, Porsche, Buick, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, Honda, Acura, Ram, and Lincoln. Dodge, Ford, Smart, Land Rover and Jeep ranked lowest on the list. The study bases dependability by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles. The lower the number, the higher the manufacturer's ranking.

Among the biggest issues on this year's list was infotainment. Respondents reported issues with Bluetooth pairing and voice commands. Many models have trouble maintaining a simple Bluetooth connection, something that should not be too difficult. Owners have also been frustrated by voice command that is not intuitive. The hardware itself is functioning properly, so manufacturers don't have a quick fix to offer customers. People want to be able to talk naturally when inputting voice commands, and car systems have not evolved to meet this demand. J.D. Power believes that if automakers can't perfect these simple features, consumers will loose confidence in the industry's ability to ever build a safe self-driving car.

Let's be honest, crashing in a fireball is way more annoying than having to type in your destination on a navigation system. While some of these complaints may seem silly it's worthwhile to remember that if an automaker puts something in a car, like the capability to issue voice commands, it should work. Why sell cars with unproven or buggy tech?

Source Credits: www.jdpower.com

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