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Which Automakers Have Invested In Ride Sharing?

There'll likely be more to come.

It seems almost as if the phenomenon of ride sharing came out of nowhere. Not long ago, Uber and Lyft weren’t household names like they are today. But ride sharing is here to stay and, as the data proves, is becoming increasingly popular. So it’s no surprise that automakers have decided to invest and partner up with several of these ride sharing companies and their platforms. As consumers are quickly realizing, owning more than one car may not be necessary. And that’s not good for automakers' long term profits, hence the partnerships.

So which automakers have jumped into the ride sharing bandwagon? We’ve compiled this list of automakers and which ride sharing companies they’re now in bed with. One side note: Jaguar Land Rover has set up its own car-sharing service, InMotion, to compete directly with Uber. Expect to see the likes of Ford, Hyundai, and Honda get involved in ride sharing in the very near future as well. GM-Lyft Toyota-Uber VW-Gett (formerly GetTaxi) BMW-Scoop

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