Which Baseball Player Has The Coolest Cars?


These guys have some pretty cool cars.

With the MLB season drawing near, we wanted to take a look at which baseball stars have the coolest rides to roll into practice. First on the list is Cincinnati Reds pitcher Raisel Iglesias Travieso. Travieso added a white Lamborghini Aventador to his collection, which should get him to practices in a hurry. The pitcher must love his team, because he also owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee that sports a whole lot of red. The Jeep looks like an older model, so Travieso should probably get a new one when Jeep releases a Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee model.

Next up is San Fransisco Giants catcher George Kottaras. Kottaras just signed a minor league contract with the Giants, so he isn't exactly the highest earning baseball players out there. Even so, Kottaras has a pretty cool taste in cars as evidenced by his custom Ford F-150 Raptor. The Raptor features even larger tires and light bars integrated in the bumper and grill as well as mounted on the roof. Catchers spend their time crouching in dirt, and it seems that Kottaras likes to drive his car around in the dirt as well. This F-150 Raptor is more than equipped to handle what ever dirt road Kottaras can find. Minor league players may not make as much as major leaguers, but it seems that they can still have some nice rides.

The next athlete on this list is Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez recently signed a four-year $88 million deal with the Boston Red Sox. With such a rich contract, this first baseman may be adding more cars to his already impressive collection. His garage already houses a a Rolls Royce Ghost, Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Lamborghini Aventador. Like many other athletes, Ramirez has used his large earning to purchase several exotic cars. Surprisingly, this expensive collection is not that unique when compared to other players. The Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls Royce Ghost seem to be the ideal choices for star athletes to show off in. Of course these cars are good, but we don't think they really show that much creativity.

So far, we have looked at baseball players who have gone out, and bought the obligatory Lamborghini or Ferrari. While these cars are fast, they do little to show that you know anything about cars other than Lamboorghini obviously makes fast cars. Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay wasn't satisfied with an off-the-shelf supercars. The former star is the proud owner of a 1932 Ford Hotrod. When most of your team mates roll into the stadium in Rolls Royces and Ferraris, a '32 Ford is actually the rarer choice. This car shows that Halladay isn't concerned with impressing girls at the club, but rather showing that he has a genuine love of cars that goes beyond flashy exotic supercars.

Last up is San Diego's "Mr. Padre." Tony Gwynn played his entire career with the San Diego Padres to earn his nickname. Gwynn played 20 season and retired in 2001 with a career batting average of .338 and 3,141 hits. Unfortunately he passed away in 2014 but like his impact on San Diego and baseball his taste in cars lives on. Gwynn drove around in a sexy 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood DeVille. This car fits his style perfectly as it's classy and sophisticated, just like the man himself. Which baseball player has the best collection? Do you like it when players go out and buy supercars from the dealer? Or do you appreciate it when players buy classic or oddball cars?

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