Which Batman Has The Coolest Cars In Real Life?


They all had cool cars on screen, but which actor drives the coolest car in real life?

Being cast to play Batman definitely comes with perks. In addition to getting tons of money and notoriety you get access to the coolest car on the planet, the Batmobile! Every iteration of Batman has had an awesome car to cruise around in. Ever since the original Adam West Batmobile, the Batman's ride has been almost as important as the stiff in the suit. Obviously Bruce Wayne can afford some crazy cars, but the actors who have played Batman aren't exactly poor. So which one has the coolest cars in real life?

We start this list off the most recent actor to star as the caped crusader. Ben Affleck has his own unique Batmobile for the new "Batman v Superman" movie, but he also has his own personal Catmobile to drive around in. More specifically, a black Dodge Challenger Hellcat with gold wheels. While the Hellcat doesn't have missile launchers, it does have 707 horsepower! This is a pretty cool daily driver. If that is a bit too "bought not built" for you, Affleck also owns a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille as well as a 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS. Some people aren't ready to accept Ben Affleck as Batman, but he may have the coolest car collection of anyone to play the legendary comic book character.

As Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale was a more reclusive version of the typically eccentric billionaire. In real life it seems like Bale doesn't really want to get noticed either. He drives around in a Toyota Tacoma, likely to keep anyone from noticing him. So does he have any fun cars? Apparently Bale owns a 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG. While this car does have a 4.3-liter 302-horsepower V8, it doesn't exactly look like anything special from the outside. Bale definitely doesn't have the craziest taste in cars on this list. But perhaps you have a soft spot for sleeper cars and think that Bale's choice in vehicles is spot on. He may have had a Lamborghini as Bruce Wayne, but Bale's real cars are way less conspicuous.

George Clooney's Batman was not everyone's favorite, but the actor does have a very nice taste in cars. He cares about the environment but doesn't push a Prius. Clooney owned a Tesla Roadster which is a great car for looking cool and not hurting the Earth at the same time. It seems Clooney likes to have a bit of a V8 rumble once in a while because he also has a C1 Corvette. Not a bad set of cars! We're going to take a quick second to mention Michael Keaton who played Batman before Clooney. We know that he drives an Audi S4, which a nice car. However, it might not be enough to keep up his fellow Batman alums.

We can't wrap up this list without mentioning Adam West. West brought Batman into every television in America back in the 1960s. The Batmobile that West drove in the series is still recognized as one of the coolest TV or movie cars ever. In real life, West drove a Porsche Cayman. We can tell you that the Cayman was a stick shift and that West actually sold it not too long ago. Which one of these Batmen has the best cars in real life. Let us know! Also, we'd like to point out that we didn't forget Val Kilmer. However, it was tough to track down his cars. Apparently 50 Cent gave him a 1965 Impala Convertible (seriously) and we've also seen him in a purple Plymouth Prowler so there's that.

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