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Which Car Will Volkswagen Give The 'R' Treatment Next?

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Full range of proper R models looking more and more likely, starting with T-Roc, Tiguan, and Arteon.

Volkswagen appears to have finally dug itself out of the hole it was in with the Atlas and Tiguan finally filling the all-important compact crossover and seven-seat midsize SUV slots with competitive products. They're huge successes, too, as the Tiguan is already halfway to beating last year's best sales year ever and the Atlas nicely breaking into the market. Although the new Jetta is arriving imminently and the Arteon not long after, all the action is in SUVs these days, so VW is looking for ways to offer more options across the board.

One way Volkswagen can multiply their lineup is developing more R models; not just R-line body kits, but full-on halo sports trims like the Golf R. Word is Volkswagen engineers are well on their way with T-Roc, Tiguan and Arteon R models in the works. Autobild reports (via Motor1) that T-Roc R, Tiguan R and Arteon R will all make appearances before the end of the year. Although the T-Roc R is likely to skip us here in North America, we have high expectations for the Tiguan and Arteon considering our appreciation for the Golf R's fine blend of practicality, performance and refinement.

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The most likely recipe for R-ified SUVs is the same tune of the 2.0T as in the Golf R, making upwards of 300 horsepower. However, there is also the tantalizing prospect of VW stuffing Audi Sport's 2.5-liter five-pot turbo into the Tiguan R, seen testing on the Nurburgring last summer, Models sporting both the Golf R's quad exhaust and Audi RS3's twin big-bore exhaust were spotted.

Drifting into speculation, the Tiguan R could share much with the RSQ3, also recently spotted with hints of another application of Audi's turbo-five. Spreading costs to a more popular and affordable model will help turn a better profit. Don't expect the full 400 hp from the Tiguan, though a milder, 300-hp tune for the 2.5 in the VW would still sound the business and get the job done.

Finally, the Arteon R would be looking at reviving the fabled VR6 engine. This time, however, a turbo would force feed a 3.0-liter mill to the tune of 404 hp, which is certainly enough to take the fight to Kia's Stinger GT. The Arteon will arrive in North America during the third quarter of this year.