Which Cars Get the Most Speeding Tickets?

Take note, all you heavy-footed speed lovers.

Getting a speeding ticket totally sucks, whether justified or not. But does the exact make and model of the car you drive increase or decrease your chances of getting pulled over? Or is just your right foot causing all the trouble? Well, it’s likely a bit of both. According to a new survey conducted by Insurance.com, the most ticketed car in the US is the Subaru WRX. 33.6% of owners surveyed acknowledged they recently received a speeding ticket. Interestingly, the second car on this list is the long discontinued Pontiac GTO, with 32.7% of owners receiving tickets.

Rounding out the top five models are the Scion FR-S (32.6%), Toyota Supra (30.8%), and the Subaru Tribeca (29.7%). Yeah, we were surprised by the Tribeca, too. The most ticketed brand by percent, however, is Scion with 27.5% of owners receiving a piece of paper/court summons from America’s finest.

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