Which Cities Will Be Included In "The Grand Tour"? Clarkson Gives A Few Clues


Another fracas in a foreign country isn't recommended.

So now we know the title Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have decided on for their new Amazon show: "The Grand Tour." We dig it, although it'll take some getting used to. But unlike Top Gear, The Grand Tour won't be filmed in a studio, but rather from a tent in a new location every week, hence the title. There'll be a total of 12 episodes, including a Christmas special, for the first season. But where will those episodes be filmed?

Clarkson recently took to Twitter to ask fans if they'd like for their town to be included and, duh, over 12,000 people responded positively. However, Clarkson has confirmed only one location so far: Yorkshire. Why Yorkshire? All three of them grew up there. Other locations Clarkson said were to be under consideration include Scotland, Croatia, Berlin, and California. We'll probably learn where The Grand Tour will show up next as Clarkson and crew make official announcements in the coming weeks and throughout the summer.

Source Credits: twitter.com

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