Which Concept Will Kia Build?


Kia is in the process of deciding whether to build two of its latest and most dynamic concepts in recent years.

There’s no question that South Korean automaker Kia has produced some great looking concepts and production cars over the past few years, thanks largely in part to Peter Schreyer leading the new design charge. This talented German designer worked for many years at Volkswagen and was responsible for the first-generation Audi TT. Since joining Kia, his team has produced some eye-catching concepts, including the GT and the Provo which debuted last week at the Geneva Motor Show.

The question on everyone's lips is whether Kia will turn either of these concepts into production vehicles, and according to Autocar Kia is pondering that same very question. Michael Cole, Kia Europe’s Chief Operating Officer, told the British publication that his company wants to become a main player in the European car industry and that "everyone now knows our five-year plan to replace our volume models...and Schreyer is looking at a halo sports car – he’s keen on the GT." This isn’t the first time we’ve heard GT production talk but Kia would also like to move into the B-segment SUV, via the Provo, as a potential Nissan Juke fighter.

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A production version could end up being based off the Rio, and Cole thinks it’d do well in Europe. However, nothing has been said about a potential future for the Cross GT that was first shown at the Chicago Auto Show last month. Whether any of these concepts reaches production it’s clear that Kia has all but shed its old image of making bland and boxy Asian econoboxes.