Which Country Bought the Most Porsche 918 Spyders?

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It wasn't even zee Vaterland.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is sold out. Gone. Done. Never to be built again. It was Porsche's most expensive model, coming in at $845,000 and change. The plug-in hybrid supercar, limited to just 918 examples, is truly something special and the car-loving world knows it, as do collectors. So now comes time for the final tally as to where the most 918s were sent. Which country bought the most? It wasn't Germany. Nor was it China. The answer is: America.


All told, US customers bought a total of 297 cars, while Germany and China accounted for about 100 units each. No data was given as to where the remaining 918s found homes, but the familiar countries/regions are suspected, such as the Middle East, Japan, South America, and the rest of Europe. Still aching to have one after just missing out? Money not an issue? Expect to see some 918 Spyders up for re-sale by investors in the very near future. You'll just have to pay way more than $845K.

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