Which Ferrari Will Be the Next XX?

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At the rate it's been going, Ferrari's Corse Clienti department should be releasing a new XX prototype sometime this year. But what will it be?

Ferrari charted new territory when it launched the FXX in 2005. Neither race car nor road car, neither production nor concept, the FXX was based on the Enzo and sat in between as a track-bound development prototype. Select clients paid millions for the privilege of not only ownership, but also participation in a factory development program. Two years later in 2007, Ferrari launched the FXX Evoluzione. Two years after that in 2009, Ferrari followed up with the 599XX, succeeded by the 599XX Evoluzione in 2011.

By that pattern, Ferrari should have a new XX prototype out sometime this year, but just what will it be? Earlier reports that Ferrari was planning a more extreme version of the latest LaFerrari have been denied up and down, and while we've heard that line from Maranello before, there's little reason to believe a LaFerrari-based XX is even in the cards. So where does that leave us? With either the F12 Berlinetta, the FF, the 458 Italia or the California. While the House than Enzo Built could potentially install a fixed roof on the Cali (like Mercedes-AMG did with the SL65 Black Series), that'd seem the least likely prospect.

With its unusual setup, the FF would seem to make even less sense than the California. Those two are, after all, the heaviest cars in the company's line-up, and the previous XX models went to considerable lengths to cut excess weight in transforming the road cars into development prototypes. That leaves the F12 and 458, which would seem like the smart bets here. But just which Ferrari chooses remains a question mark. As does the program's continuation altogether, for that matter. What do you think?

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