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Which Iconic BMW Has An Asking Price Seven Times That Of The i8?

If you had the dough you would, wouldn't you?

This particular iconic BMW doesn’t come up for sale often, but if you have the funds we can’t imagine it’d be that hard to find. But say you’ve already bought your new BMW i8 as well as several other old and new cars. What should you get next? A BMW M1, of course, and this one's now for sale for a cool $965,000 and it's particularly seductive. Do the math and you’ll see that price tag is seven times the MSRP of a new i8 (just imagine what the i8 will be worth one day).

But the specifics of this 1981 M1 are quite special, mainly due to its Polaris Silver paint job. Only three M1s were painted this color: one was a prototype, one was for Bernie Ecclestone, and this one, VIN 4301424. Along with the black leather interior this makes an absolutely killer color combo. BMW Blog claims that all numbers are matching including the engine and gearbox, and that it has just under 11,000 miles on the clock. Essentially, this M1 is flawless and worth every penny.

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