Which Is Faster Around The Track? BMW M2 Vs. Mercedes-AMG CLA45

Which baby performance car do you have here?

When Mercedes-Benz released the CLA45 AMG, it was quickly compared to the BMW M235i. While this comparison was appropriate at the time, BMW has now released a much closer competitor to the CLA45. The BMW M235i made do with 320 horsepower, whereas the new M2 has 370. The AMG originally came with 355 horsepower despite being down two cylinders. For 2016, Mercedes upped the power even more for a total of 375 horses. Both cars feature seven-speed dual clutch transmissions, but the BMW is RWD and the Merc is AWD.

These cars may be very different (one is a sedan and one is a coupe for instance), but they both represent the least expensive entry into their brand's performance division. Which one is fastest around the Hockenheimring in Germany?

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