Which Italian Supercar Just Became Even More Luscious?

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With 50 more horsepower, more speed and a price tag of $852,000.

It was just over a year ago that boutique Italian supercar maker, Mazzanti, revealed its made-to-order, hand-built Evantra. Blowing our minds with its 7.0-liter V8, 701 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque, the automaker promised 0-62 mph times of 3.2 seconds and top speeds of 218 mph. Well, it seems these numbers weren't enough for the company, and now Mazzanti is presenting the same Evantra with upgraded numbers across the board. Utilizing the same powertrain, the Evantra now makes a whopping 751 horsepower.

Shown here in White Dolomite finish, the 2015 prototype has cut its acceleration time and will now reach 62 mph in three seconds flat. Meanwhile, the top speed has been bumped up to 224 mph. The car also features an outstanding coach built interior as well as the company's signature dual suicide doors. It is equipped with a new set of Pirelli PZero tires and Brembo brakes. Mazzanti is so proud of its Evantra that it even put a blue version of it on display at the Casino Monte-Carlo during the Top Marques festival. While prices vary according to customer wishlists, the white model Evantra shows here is priced at a modest €751,000 ($852,000).

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