Which Models Are Volkswagen And Audi Getting Ready To Axe?

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With VW's recent struggles, a few poor-selling models will probably die off.

Volkswagen and Audi have a tough decision to make in the coming years. Dieselgate's financial implications mean that slow-selling models could be on the chopping block. For Audi, this might mean killing off the A3 Cabriolet. Only 19,400 A3 Cabriolets were sold last year, making it the automaker's least popular model. By killing off a poor-selling model, Audi can free up money to develop more important things, like electric crossovers. German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that a few other Audi and VW models could also be nixed.

Two-door versions of the A1 and A3 could get the axe along with the two-door Polo, which the A1 is based on. Two-door hatchback sales have drastically dropped in Europe, and other competitors have already stopped making them. It would only make sense if Audi and Volkswagen followed suit. Even the two-door Golf may not stick around in the next generation. If these two-door models are getting killed off, they would probably stick around until the product cycles are completed. Two-door hatches are just the latest thing to die off in the pursuit of even more crossovers.

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